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Success Made Simple


SUCCESS MADE SIMPLE is a keynote seminar that combines the talents of Fitness Celebrity John Basedow and three-time world record holder Fran Capo.  Through their unique stories of self-made success, this dynamic duo will educate, captivate, and motivate any audience into achieving their dreams while living life to the fullest.

Together, John and Fran are leading a national crusade against a widespread epidemic, which they call “settle-itis”.  As John puts it, “Too often people ‘settle’ for less than what makes them happy.  When they do this in one area of their lives it spreads like a cancer throughout every other aspect.  Then these people wake-up years later wondering whatever happened to their dreams.”  Fran adds, “We show people that as long as they focus on the vision of what they want in life and work hard every day to achieve it they can live their dreams…just like John and I are living ours.”


John Basedow
John Basedow

From starting out in his parent’s basement to being seen on television sets across the country and deemed a “pop culture icon” by the press, John Basedow is an American dream come true “rags to riches” story.  Fueled by an undying persistence and his personal motto “believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything”, John has achieved international recognition and created a multimedia empire with Fitness Made Simple.  As evidenced by the testimonials on John’s ubiquitous Fitness Made Simple commercials and the FMS Success Stories section on the website, John’s motivational programs have helped to improve the bodies and lives of thousands of people nationwide…from teenagers to grandparents.

He’s been featured on numerous TV and radio shows as well as in print media ranging from The Los Angeles Times to The National Examiner.  The New York Times placed him alongside NASCAR in the contemporary pantheon of “great American sports television phenomena” and Muscle & Fitness Magazine named him the top infomercial star of the past 20 years.  John hosts his own radio show, Work It Out Wednesdays! With John Basedow, on WMJC-FM in New York and, most recently, a television production company offered John his own unique reality series, John Basedow TV, which is based on his life.  John’s first book, Fitness Made Simple: The Power To Change Your Body & Life, was published by literary powerhouse McGraw-Hill.


Fran Capo
Fran Capo

The flip side of the team is Renaissance woman Fran Capo.  Most known as the Guinness Book Of World Records “fastest talking female”, Fran also holds records as the only author to do book signings at both the “top of the world” on Kilimanjaro and “in the depths of the sea” by the wreck of the Titanic.  She is a single mom, comedienne, motivational speaker, nine-time author, voiceover artist, and adventurer whose motto is “Live every day as if it’s your last, and one day you’ll be right!

Fran worked on air for two years at WBLS-FM radio in New York City as the weather and traffic girl while writing comedy bits for the show.  She produced the New York City based Banks & Barber radio show, which was co-hosted by 5-time Emmy Award winner Janette Barber, the former Supervising Producer of The Rosie O’Donnell Show who now works on The View.  Fran has been on over 250 television shows and 1500 radio shows including Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, Last Call With Carson Daly, Good Morning America, Nick At Nite, and, most recently, The Martha Stewart Show.  She’s a widely requested spokesperson who’s worked with major companies ranging from Auntie Anne’s to Pitney Bowes and she currently writes a weekly blog called Fran’s World for the WB.  In addition to all of that, she just introduced to the market a motivational audiotape entitled The Science Of Getting Rich.



With over 5000 media appearances between them, John and Fran have mass appeal because they exude incredible energy when it comes to motivating people.  Their mission is simple…to help people become healthier in all aspects of their lives, to become more confident, and to have fun doing it along the way.  Since they have overcome the same obstacles others are now facing, John and Fran are able to breakdown self-imposed limiting barriers people erect by relating to their audience through humor and speaking directly from the heart.  Their accomplishments are living examples of the kinds of feats and dreams that they can inspire others to achieve.  Together, they make SUCCESS MADE SIMPLE a truly life-changing seminar.


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